Peeking through an interstice 間

digital Multi-Channel Video Installation, 2022

Based on Feng Shui archives from my great-grandfather, 間 (Peeking through an Interstice) explores themes about the past and the memory, the visible and the invisible. Following the principle that uses "energy" to harmonize the individuals with their surroundings, I dived into Cyanotype, a photography technique interacting with nature elements (sun/water), rethinking an unforeseen death and its impact on the family; the reconstruction of one's memory from the reality; the connections between the dead and the living: under the context of external diaspora. I keep thinking about how the deceased still "leave a trace" on the living: while it is not always visible. By digging into my memories about home, I encounter the ghostly traces at present from those already gone through a journey calling them to come back.

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