Been there Done that

2020| 2K |17:16min |color/sound
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"I" believe that he is still there, and “I" hope to see him again. Somewhere on the ruins, heis surely waiting for a soul that still tries to find him. Through a trip to the place where he used tolive, “I” search for those restless ones wandering between the past and the present.

Been There Done That visualizes my fictional trip to the Western Guangdong, where I grew up. Based on scenes taken from our family life, from a perspective of my internal monologue, this film reconstructs a story between me and the father of my grandfather, who has passed away. Going from one place to another, I keep looking for traces left by him. Faced with death and the subsequent dispersion, through this film, I strive to prove that connections between family members will not simply vanish when one of them passes away.


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