Xiao Zhang |张晓


2024             Master of Fine Art in Film&Video, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, USA
2020             Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China

Selected Screenings:
2024             Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scottish
2023             BFI London Film Festival 2023, London, UK
2023             Engauge Experimental Film Festival, November, Seattle USA
2023             CROSSROADS 2023, San Francisco, USA
2023             Asia Forum, EXIS 20th Experimental Film & Video Festival, Seoul, Korea
2023             Non-syntax Experimental Image, Tokyo, Japan
2023             OBSKURA Analog Film Festival, France
2023             Documentary Short Program, Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, CA, USA
2023             CalArts School of Film/Video Showcase, REDCAT, Los Angeles, USA
2020             HiShorts Film Festival, Xiamen, China
2018             The 3rd NEW ERA Film Festival, Beijing, China
2018             HUA International Short Film Festival, Beijing, China

Group exhibitions:
2023            EXiM 2023_Focusing on Young Artists – Experimental Video Screening Festival in Macau, 
                    Ox Warehouse, Macao, China.

2023            5973 Miles Away: Women’s Exorcisms of Loss, presented by Los Angeles Filmforum,
                    2220 Arts + Archives, Los Angeles, USA.
2023            Film Poems: Amplifying Mysteries, Whammy! Analog Media; Los Angeles, USA.
2023            Not At Home:A Cross-disciplinary Collaborative Exhibition of Drawing, Sculpture, and
                    Moving Image Installation
, Automata, Los Angeles, USA.
2020            Aperturist Talent Group Show, Ruipin Gallery, Shanghai, China.

Awards and Honors:
2023             Diversity Grant, Calarts, Valencia, CA.
2023             Interdisciplinary Grant, Calarts, Valencia, CA.
2023             Jury Award for Best Documentary Short, Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, CA, USA.
2021-2024    Lillian Disney Scholarship, CalArts, Valencia, CA.
2019             National Encouragement Scholarship, Beijing, China.
2017-2019    Outstanding Student Awards, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China.

Academic Experience:
2024             Instructor, Kinetic KINO!, CalArts, Valencia, CA.
2023             Lecturer, Production Sound, Film Department, California State Summer School for the Arts, Valencia, CA
2022             Teaching Assistant, Alchemical Cinema, CalArts, Valencia, CA.

2022             Teaching Assistant, Film Production Workshop, CalArts, Valencia, CA.

Technical Experience:
2024/1-5       Film Inspection, CalArts, Valencia,CA.
2022-2024    Sound Engineer, CalArts, Valencia,CA.
2022-2024   16mm/35mm/ Digital Projectionist, Bijou Theater, CalArts, Valencia, CA.
2022-2024    Video Lab Technician, CalArts, Valencia, CA.

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